Technical Session B


RADECS 2021 - Technical Program

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 (starts at 14.00 h)

RADECS 2021 - Session B

Radiation Effects on Devices & ICs

Session Co-Chair:

Salvatore Danzeca, CERN
Cedric Virmontois, CNES


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H. Dewitte1, P. Paillet 2, S. Rizzolo3, C. Marcandella2, V Goiffon1

2 CEA, France
3 Airbus Defense and Space S.A.S, France


The abstract investigates the apparition after irradiation and the fast ambient temperature annealing of a leakage current in p-MOS structures. In particular, it discusses the origin of the current, the effect of the bias, and the dose rate.

T. Ma1, S. Bonaldo1, S. Mattiazzo2,5, A. Baschilotto3,5, C. Enz4 , A. Paccagnella1,5, S. Gerardin6

1 University of Padova, ltaly
2 University of Bergamo, ltaly
3 University of Milano Bicocca, Israel
4 Institute of Microengineering, EPFL, Switzerland
5 INFN, ltaly
6 DEI - Padova University, ltaly


TID-induced sample-to-sample variability is investigated in 16 nm bulk nFinFETs. The sample­-to-sample variability increases significantly at ultra-high doses, due to the impact of random dopant fluctuations.



Session Chair:

Steven Witczak, Northrop Grumman

M. Basso1, A. Danesi1, S. Bertaiola1. A. Veggetti1, A. Andreini1, P. Galbiati1

1 STMicroelectronics, ltaly


Xray effects on BCD platform are studied. Strong dependence of the BVdss vs.radiation dose is found. The impact is correlated with the doping a typical behavior of ReSurF devices and is equivalent to additional charge inside the drain.


D. Sotskov1, A. Kuznetsov1, V. Elesin1, I. Selishchev1, V. Kotov1, A. Nikiforov1

1 National Research Nuclear University MEPhl (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Russian Federation

This paper explores effects of neutron-induced displacement damage on static and high frequency parameters of three types SiGe:C npn-heterostructure bipolar transistors from the SGB25V BiCMOS technology.


S. Bonaldo1, M. Gorchichko2, E. Zhang2, T. Ma1, S. Mattiazzo3, M. Bagatin1, A. Paccagnella1, S. Gerardin1, R. Schrimpf2, R. Reed2, D. Linten4, J. Mitard4, D. Fleetwood2


1 University of Padova, Italy
2 Vanderbilt University, USA
3 University of Bergamo, Italy
4 Imec, Belgium


Gate-all-around Si nanowire FETs are characterized by DC and low frequency noise measurements at ultra-high doses up to 300 Mrad(SiO2). Worst-case TID degradation is observed for long-channel pGAAFETs.