Invited Talk Abstract


RADECS 2021 - Invited Talk Abstract

Browsing 2000 Years of Architecture in Vienna

Christa Veigl



Architecture is to a large extent an emotional subject. As in many important European cities, Vienna's architecture is also strongly influenced by history. The imperial and the compact city center of Vienna are extremely present. Enthusiastic about the architecture and architectural history with its structures, materials, models and ornamentation in this talk I will introduce to Vienna architecture and urban development in several steps: Middle Ages and ecclesiastical architecture, Baroque era and palaces, Classicism and revival styles – monumental public buildings, factories and railway architecture, Turn of the 19th century – back and forth, 20th century to present – public housing, post war reconstruction, built aliens, and construction with respect for existing contents.

Short CV

Dr. Christa Veigl is an art historian, working freelance she writes about and is guiding Vienna architecture, urban development, building material and history of housing. Christa Veigl received her PhD from the Vienna University in 1987, thesis: Literarische Gemäldebechreibungen – Studien zu einem unbestimmten Genre zwischen 1770 und 1830.