Viennese Heurigen


RADECS 2021 - Social Program

Viennese Heurigen Event

Wednesday, Sept 15 (19:30 - 22:00)


„Ausg’steckt is“

In Vienna, “Heuriger“ is the name for the wine harvested in the previous year and also for the inns where it is sold. “Gemma zum Heurig’n“ (“Let’s go to the Heurigen!“) is an invitation to a casual get-together in the afternoon or evening, with Heurigen-music and wine providing a convivial spi-rit. The typical wine producing locations are situated within the city limit, but in most cases they have the character of charming villages.  

The truly homely Heuriger “Fuhrgassl-Huber” on the outskirts of the vineyards, in the traditional Viennese wine-growing village of Neustift am Walde has been awarded as Vienna’s top Heuriger with proven quality. Enjoy the traditional rustic ambience inside, while outside awaits a terraced garden with views of the Heuriger’s own vineyards and the Vienna Woods. Spend a few hours with great company, wine and hearty food.

Price per person incl. bus ride, food/beverages EURO 65,- + 20% VAT
Bus - Meetingpoint: Entrance Hotel Savoyen 19:00

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