Whole Body Counter

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Whole Body Counter

Whole body counting, Thyroid counting, Lung counting, Dose assessment

Our internal dosimetry is accredited within the test center framework for the measurement of incorporated radionuclides with the whole body counter and for dose determination from these measurements. Incorporated gamma nuclides are determined using a whole body counter.

The whole body counter used at Seibersdorf Laboratories consists of two 30% HPGe detectors in scan geometry. Calibration is performed using phantoms, supported by simulation calculations with MCNP. Measurements can be carried out either as a whole body scan or as partial body counting (thyroid or lung) in a fixed position. The dose is determined from the incorporated activity measured, taking into account the corresponding retention model for the identified radionuclide.

This determination can be carried out in line with ICRP recommendations, directive 96/29/Euratom and the Austrian standard ÖNORM S5220. Our measurement methods are constantly being advanced within the scope of international projects (IDEA) and thus continue a long tradition at Seibersdorf of expertise in this field. The processes are accredited within the test center framework. We would be pleased to send you our current price list on request.