Site Overview

Location close to Vienna airport

Our site is located about 30 km south of Vienna near the town of Seibersdorf and is within a range of 30 minutes by car from the Vienna International Airport.

Due to the convenient geographical location of our production site in the heart of Europe, we see ourselves as Central European radiopharmacy.

Premises and equipment

Our radiopharmaceutical facility comprises clean room areas totaling more than 400 m2 including 5 laboratories for production and 4 laboratories for quality control.

We operate a GE PETtrace cyclotron on site which is used to manufacture the radionuclide fluorine-18 (F-18). For the production of radiopharmaceuticals we have more than 10 synthesis modules available. For aseptic filling of radiopharmaceuticals we have several dispensing units in operation.

For quality control we also have a broad variety of equipment available including for example 6 HPLC systems, 2 GC systems, 2 testing devices for bacterial endotoxins and 3 climate chambers.


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