Radiation Protection Measurements

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Analysis of radionuclides in environmental samples

Analysis of radionuclides in environmental samples at Seibersdorf Laboratories is accredited within the framework of the testing laboratories.

Our methods include the determination of radionuclides in air filters, food, vegetation, soil and water samples. Samples can be prepared by drying, ashing, sieving and grinding. Direct measurement methods include gamma spectrometry and gross alpha/beta measurements. Beta emitters and actinides are determined following sample digestion and chemical separation of the element of interest by LSC (such as 241Pu), the gas proportional counting (such as 90Sr) and alpha spectrometry (actinides).

We also apply our expertise in radiochemical trace analysis to research projects and work commissioned by authorities and industry. The range of these activities extends from analyzing individual samples to preparing studies on radiation protection issues.

Our processes are accredited within the test center framework. We would be pleased to send you our current price list on request. Please contact us directly if you are interested or have specific questions.