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Safety and Security Training - Seibersdorf Academy

Safety and security of radioactive materials and devices are of paramount importance to occupationally exposed personnel.

But also senior management, not usually occupationally exposed, needs to be aware of underlying principles to guide their decision making, in normal operations as well as emergencies.

Target Audience

The safety and security training package addresses primarily the following target audience:

  • Occupationally exposed persons
  • Safety personnel in relation to radiation workers
  • Security experts dealing with controlled materials and practices
  • Engineers and designers working for controlled areas
  • (Senior) management for awareness building
  • Opinion leaders and communication experts in this topical area
  • Environment organisation


Radiation workers and supporting personnel as well as decision makers/senior management need to be made aware of the specifics of safety and security requirements relating to controlled areas. Whereas training-on-the-job usually serves best to enhance efficiency of the workforce, adequate induction training must be provided to meet minimum standards of safety and security in these particular environments. Beyond basic principles, practical exercises and hands-on training are indispensable tools in preparation of handling hazardous conditions. Knowledge of the regulatory background and constraints are essential for decision makers and all personnel supporting and/or directing operations in controlled areas.


  • Awareness building, acquisition of general safety and security principles and technical background knowledge. 
  • Simulated and practical exercises, hands-on training with personal protection equipment and instrumentation. 
  • Strengthening of analytical skills and understanding of safety culture.


Safety and security training at the Seibersdorf Academy helps to implement the appropriate safety culture and security measures at all levels of the workforce.

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