Radiation Protection Measurement

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Operational Monitoring

Compliance with maximum permissible values

Operational monitoring serves to ensure compliance with legal obligations and the maximum permissible values regulated by law in the context of internal radiation protection.

Internal radiation protection ensures the safety of employees at the research center through regular inspections, radiation protection briefings, dose rate measurements, regular checks that workplaces and laboratories are free of contamination, and incorporation monitoring of individuals who are occupationally exposed to radiation. With regard to emission monitoring, we monitor compliance with the maximum permissible values when gaseous and liquid substances are released.

Environmental monitoring is used to check the environment by measuring ground and surface water, rainwater, food, vegetation and soil samples. Operational monitoring results are regularly checked by the competent authorities in the context of the provisions of Section 61 of the Austrian Radiation Protection Act and the approval notice requirements for the research center, and are summarized annually in a radiation protection inspection report.