Radiation Protection Measurements

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

We care for quality - activity determination in food, drinking water, building materials and environmental samples

Samples of various materials, from food, drinking water and consumer products of daily life to industrial/commercial remnants and environmental media are analysed in the accredited laboratory for ionizing radiation and RP.

Tailored to the type of radiation and sample matrices we operate a variety of radioanalytical systems:

  • Gammaspectrometry utilizing High Purity Germanium Detectors
  • Low-Level Liquid Scintillation Counting for quantifying Alpha, Beta and Auger electron emitting Radionuclides
  • Low-Level measurement chambers for simultaneous Gross Alpha/Beta Counting
  • Alphaspectrometry with Surface Barrier Detectors

By application of suitable, quality controlled measurement procedures we produce reliable results - to ensure compliance with legal regulations and limit values.


Food and Environmental monitoring

Measurement results serve for monitoring purposes to ensure compliance with legal regulations and limit values related to handling or radioactive materials. Thus, results contribute to safety of consumer goods and health protection.


Drinking Water

In the regulation on "Quality of Water for Human Use"  ("Trinkwasser-Verordnung"), BGBL. II Nr. 304/2001 is listed as an indicator parameter. Determination is carried out according to ÖNorm S5251.

Building Materials

The General Radiation Protection Ordinance 2020 §123 para. requires compliance with a reference value of 1mSv per year for external exposure in occupied rooms due to gamma radiation from building products. 

The determination of the radioactivity content in building materials is carried out according to ONR CEN/TS 17216. The evaluation of the activity concentration index is carried out according to OIB guideline 3 or guideline 2013/59/Euratom.



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