What we do

Career @ Seibersdorf Laboratories

What we do

Our developments serve the well-being of people. We work nationally and internationally. We support industry, SMEs, hospitals and doctors, as well as large organizations, so that their products, applications and the population are safe.



Radiation protection

The protection of people and the environment - that is what we work for

  • Personal protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Radiation resistance
  • Flight dosimetry
  • Dosimeter service
  • Radiochemistry
  • Expert opinions, consulting and emergency response
  • Accredited testing laboratory
  • Calibration and verification laboratory

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Drugs for the diagnosis and treatment of tumor diseases - we work for people

  • National supply of hospitals
  • Production of radiopharmaceuticals
  • Establishment of new products
  • Worldwide cooperations
  • GMP certified

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Chemical Analytics

Highest quality for environment and humans

  • Environmental and geoanalytics,
  • Heavy metals and impurities
  • Stability testing
  • Reach analyses - physical-chemical tests, HPLC, ICP/AES or ICP/MS
  • Accredited testing laboratory
  • GLP certified

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Laser and optical radiation

For the safety of lamps, LEDs and lasers

  • Radiation protection and safety for devices
  • Testing of devices
  • Research projects on optical radiation
  • Cooperation in international projects
  • Accredited testing laboratory

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EMC and EMF - electromagnetic radiation

We measure and research to make the application of electromagnetic radiation safe

  • Safety of devices - EMC
  • Effect of fields on humans - EMF
  • Calibration of antennas and probes
  • Development of new antennas
  • New measurement methods in the automotive field
  • Validation of absorber halls
  • International research measurement projects

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Forensic analyses

Science for justice

  • Blood alcohol and drugs in traffic, hair analysis
  • Forensic analyses
  • Focus on chemistry, poison and gunshot
  • Close cooperation with forensic medicine
  • State-of-the-art equipment and analytics

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Anti-Doping Analytics

for the good of the people - for a clean sport

  •  second largest doping control laboratory worldwide, more than 20.000 samples/year
  •  Proteomics - detection of biomarkers, characterization and classification
  •  State-of-the-art equipment, GC/MS, GC-C/IRMS, LC/MS, ...
  •  International research projects
  •  WADA accredited laboratory

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Development of measuring instruments and equipment

The basis is valid, reproducible measured values. That's why we use the latest measuring equipment and systems in our in-house prototype workshop to develop

  • Measuring electronics, software and evaluation routines
  • Measuring systems for the industry as well as
  • In-house and contract projects for special requirements

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Learning for the emergency

We educate and train the safe handling of sources of danger and for emergencies

  • Focus on chemistry, poisons, radioactivity, EMC and lasers
  • Protection of the population, workers and self-protection
  • Training for officers
  • Development of hazard and emergency scenarios
  • Cooperation with fire departments, rescue services, police and armed forces
  • Training programs for international response organizations

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