Radiation Hardness Assurance

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Testing Laboratory - Radiation Hardness Assurance

Seibersdorf Laboratories develops experimental and numerical methods investigating all kinds of radiation effects in components and systems applied in various radiation fields.

Our mission is to offer expert services in radiation hardness assurance of components and systems according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for the European industry, nuclear medicine and for academic research institutes.

Our vision is to become your leading partner in radiation exposure testing of your systems and components and support you with numerical investigations of your radiation tasks.

  • Experimental and numerical investigations of all kind of radiation effects in components and systems
  • Performance analysis and evaluation of radiation exposure tests done at Seibersdorf Laboratories and external facilities
  • Ensuring the operability of components and systems in typical radiation environments, such as in space, nuclear and accelerators facilities, nuclear medical applications
  • Consulting users and manufacturers on the use of products in radiation environments
  • Participation in the development of test procedures for the European Space Agency ESA
  • Expertise in silicon wafer radiation exposure testing
  • ELDRS (enhanced low dose rate sensitivity) testing expertise
  • R&D of radiation sensors such as RADFET, micro dosimeter, PIN diodes


Quality Standards

EN ISO/IEC 17025
Accredited Testing Laboratory

EN ISO 9001
Quality Management Certification


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