Radiation Protection Measurements

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Deposition measurement with gamma-spectrometry

Dose rate measurements, Contaminatin measurements, route monitoring (source location)

Environmental Measurements

Our mobile laboratory enables highly sensitive measurements to be carried out on site and thus allows application-oriented measurement and analysis procedures to be provided for screening, searching for, finding, identifying and quantifying radioactive sources.



During an emergency operation (searching for „orphan“ sources) the most critical factor is the time required to locate a source, since this has a direct impact on the radiation exposure of workers or possibly even on population. In the event of a major incident, measures for emergency units or the population can be decided upon on the basis of these measurement data. In addition, we offer to train dangerous goods drivers at our Seibersdorf Academy.



The mobile laboratory enables the dose rate to be measured at a given location. It is also possible to evaluate wipe samples and to determine the activity of air, soil and water samples.

A portable liquid scintillation counter, a germanium detector, an α-β counter and a neutron detector for α, β, γ and neutron measurements, and extensive sampling equipment are available for these procedures.