TEC Laboratory

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

TEC Laboratory

  • EN ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Testing Laboratory
  • 24/7 testing services of electronic components, PCBs, devices, systems and materials
  • Spacious exposure room: 9.1 meters long, 4.4 meters wide and 4 meters high
  • Wide uniform field size for total ionizing dose (TID) testing
  • Economic long-term enhanced low dose rate sensitivity (ELDRS) testing
  • Multifunctional equipped electronic laboratory
  • TID-testing compliant with ESCC-22900, MIL-STD-750, and ECSS standards
  • ESD compliancy with EN 61340-5-1

Total Ionising Dose Exposure Facility

  • High-activity Cobalt-60 irradiation source: 64 TBq (1.7 kCi)
  • Dose rate range: 0.3 Gy/h - 50 Gy/h
  • Pneumatic system for source movement
  • Source container (Pb): Shielding thickness 35 cm
  • Collimator: 29° cone (Pb, W) according to ISO Standard
  • Automatic data logging of all source conditions
  • Automatic data logging of the access to the exposure facility and all sensors of the security system
  • Automatic data logging of temperature, humidity and pressure
  • High quality multichannel dosimeter system for each experiment (PTW Farmer Chambers, Si-Detectors)



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