Radiation Protection Measurements

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Leak Tests of Radiation Sources


A large number of sealed radioactive sources are currently used in industry. These sources are used, for example, for level measurement (241Am, 60Co, 137Cs) in containers, for measuring density and moisture in road construction (Troxler probe) or for borehole profiles in the petroleum industry, for measuring the grammage (55Fe, 147Pr, 241Am, 90Sr) of paper, cardboard and chipboard, in sterilizing facilities in the medical sector (60Co, 137Cs), and for ECDs in gas chromatography (63Ni).

These sources must be regularly tested for leaks. The testing interval is specified by the authority in the operating approval requirements. On request, we will send you a sampling set which your company’s radiation protection officer can use to take a wipe sample and we evaluate these samples in our laboratory.


The certificate we issue is recognized by the authorities as proof of leaktightness of the source for testing under § 17 of the Austrian Radiation Protection Law.

On-Site Service

We offer an on-site service for sources which, under the Austrian Radiation Protection Ordinance, can only be tested by a laboratory accredited to conduct the appropriate tests (sources of toxicity class 1 and all sources that exceed a dose rate of 1 mSv/h at a distance of 1 m without screening). One of our employees carries out the prescribed wipe testing of the sources at your company’s premises and can also, if necessary, determine permitted replacement test zones.