Aircrew Dosimetry Service

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Legal obligations for aircraft operators

The legal obligations of aircraft operators are described in the Radiation Protection Act 2020 - StrSchG 2020 (Federal Law Gazette I No. 50/2020) and in the General Radiation Protection Ordinance 2020 AllgStrSchV 2020 (Federal Law Gazette II No. 339/2020):


  • The aircraft operator is responsible for protecting the flying personnel from cosmic radiation.

Radiation protection measures

  • An estimate of the individual expected effective dose from cosmic radiation must be carried out and the results of the dose estimate must be reported immediately to the competent authority.
  • If the estimated effective dose is likely to exceed 1 mSv per year for one or more of the flying personnel, a constant dose assessment must be conducted.


Information for the flying personnel

  • The flying personnel concerned must be informed of the health risks caused by cosmic radiation and the assessed dose values.


Record-keeping and retention obligations

  • The results of the dose assessment must be kept for at least ten years.
  • Records of information for flying personnel must be kept for at least seven years.