EMC of Devices

Electromagnetic Combatibility


Our teams are fully operational for customers and partners, of course under observance of the legally prescribed preventive measures!

Electromagnetic Compatibility of Devices

Electronic devices and systems are becoming increasingly complex. The trend is toward greater device complexity, faster components and increased networking.

Such devices and systems have to fulfil strict EMC requirements for their introduction to European markets. European Union guidelines specify the legal minimum requirements and extended product liability challenges the cutting-egde of science and technology! The responsibility lies with the manufacturer.

We have more than 25 years experience with the EMC conformity evaluation of electronic devices and systems and would be happy to advise you. With our modern test sites we can accomplish EMC measurements up to 40 GHz. In our accredited test laboratory we offer flexible test dates, short turn-around times as well as European-wide recognized test reports!

In addition we would gladly support you with fault clearance and hardening of your products and with EMC problems in your research and development projects.



The German society for EMC technology (DEMVT) offers tailor-made EMC further training for practitioners. The seminars take place in Munich and at the EMC test centre in Seibersdorf.