Forensic Analysis

Chemical Analytics

Forensic Analysis

Blood alcohol and driving under the influence of drugs

As contracted by the police forces blood and urine samples from
impaired drivers are analyzed for their blood alcohol concentration and for addictive drugs. This sort of drug screening targets more than 100 substances and includes all relevant parameters responsible for adverse effects regarding traffic safety.

The determinations are based on the strict quality management standard EN ISO/IEC 17025 and in their current release.

Forensic Analysis

Contracted by the court as a consequence of a crime or indicated by a pathologist, forensic analysis targets on active substances to shed light on the sort of crime, on possible impairment of the victim or the origin of adverse effects.

For faster and more efficient identification a “multi-target screening was established which comprises more than 300 substances of all relevant groups of active components (drugs, calmatives, other pharmaceuticals, etc.).

After identification of the substances, quantification is performed using methods especially optimized for the specific compound.

Hair Analysis

For long term monitoring of drug application the sequential analysis of hair samples has proved to be the best method as hair behaves like a tachograph. Times of heavy consumption of these substances can be differentiated from times of occasional consumption. Hair analysis is performed using the most sensitive state-of-the-art equipment.