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Why You Should Consult Us

Higher production rates and increasing product complexity combined with ever stricter quality criteria require thorough, objective and automated testing in production and quality control. To meet these specific requirements, our systems provide optimal ways of automating control procedures and testing processes for contactless in-line control.

Contactless Inspection Systems

Our systems provide contactless, real-time monitoring of the surface condition, dimensional accuracy, completeness, positional accuracy, etc. of your products. Depending on your requirements, we either integrate our inspection systems into existing production lines and machines or offer a complete solution, which in addition to inspection also includes the handling and transportation of your products. In combination with special sensor systems (radiography or X-ray inspection, for example), we can conduct material inspections (inclusions, porosity, density, etc.) of your products as well as surface analysis.

What We Offer

We evaluate both feasibility and costs for you and develop testing procedures or systems for automated quality control in accordance with your specifications. Our goal is to find the best technical and economic solution for your requirements. A competent team with many years of experience is available to provide you with a customized solution to meet your specific needs. You benefit from the proven objectivity of your control system and from having a record of your testing processes and control procedures. We work with you to provide services from expert consulting and conceptual planning through implementation to long-term support for your control system.