Measurement Equipment

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Radiation Protection Measuring Instrument SSM1+

SSM1+ Advantages

  • Easy to operate
  • Wide measuring range
  • Hard-wearing, robust design
  • Flexible in applications

The SSM1+ radiation protection measuring instrument has been developed by Seibersdorf Laboratories as a microprocessorcontrolled, radiation detection and measuring instrument that can be used universally.

The instrument represents the next generation of the popular SSM-1 that is in use by police, military and other emergency organization for many years.

It facilitates dose and dose rate measurements from the range of natural background radiation up to very high exposures. With the counters, housed directly in the instrument, a display range of 0.01 μSv/h to 1 Sv/h is achieved using automatic range shifting.

The SSM1+ can also be used as a contamination monitor for fast detection of radioactivity with an integrated high-sensitive plastic scintillator.

For special measurement problems, telescopic extensions and large-area contamination probes can be supplied. The SSM1+ therefore offers the user a comprehensive system for all the essential measurement activities in practical radiation protection.

SSM1+ User friendly design

The SSM1+ features an ergonomic design and can be handled comfortably and safely even when using protective clothing and breathing protection. The switches mounted on the housing are designed for use with protective gloves.

The control buttons and display are protected on the side of the instrument closest to the body.
The exactly fitting silicon shell, available in different colors, protects the device from mechanical shocks.