Generic RPO Training

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Generic Radiation Protection Officer Training


Training for radiation protection officers varies considerably depending on the radiation application and legal requirements due to national regulations. But all trainings contain a certain amount of common core information on protection and safety.

The depth to which each topic is covered depends on the specific practice in which the person is being trained, and also takes into account the magnitude of the potential hazards associated with the application.

Radiation protection officers need to have specific personal attributes, such as communication skills, leadership and analytical skills, human–machine interface skills and multitask management skills, which we try to stimulate during training through practical exercises.

In addition to the theoretical basic knowledge practical training is a major focus.


We offer training for radiation protection officers working in the field of

  • medical uses
  • industrial & technical uses
  • veterinary medicine
  • research
  • unsealed sources
  • HASS (high active sealed sources)
  • radiation therapy (e.g. accelerators)

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