Seibersdorf CBRN Academy

Seibersdorf Academy

CBRNE Emergency Response Training

Together with our partners CBRN Protection and Hotzone Solution Middle East the Seibersdorf Academy provides realistic CBRNE Training for Emergency Responders and Military Personnel

This cooperation combines operational experience with more than 50 years of activity in radiation protection training.

Training is always designed and tailored so as to ensure that emergency response personnel gets an in-depth understanding of the specific hazards, risks, and response mechanisms associated with CBRNE emergencies and incidents.

In our trainings, we use industrial chemicals, biological simulants, sealed (closed) and unsealed (open) radioactive sources, always placing special focus on the safety of training participants.

When they are confronted with scenarios involving dirty bombs or nuclear emergencies, among others, knowing how to deal with unsealed radioactive substances is of vital importance for emergency response services and military personnel.

Seibersdorf Academy is Austria's larges radiation protection training center.


The Sources that we use in our trainings include the follwing:

  • Cobalt-60
  • Technetium-99m
  • Cesium-137
  • Fluorine-18
  • Americium-241/Beryllium


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