CBRN Academy Seibersdorf


The CBRN Academy Seibersdorf offers standardized and customized tailored C and R/N Live Agent Training. Furthermore, emergency organizations can train their own scenarios as long as they comply with the safety regulations of the CBRN Academy Seibersdorf.

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General Specifications

Our services

  • comprehensive safety concept (provision of suitable PPE, supervised training environment, dosimetric monitoring (R/N), safety instructions)
  • meals and coffee breaks at Campus Seibersdorf

Requirements for participation in our courses

  • medical clearance to prove general fitness
  • medical insurance valid in Europe/ Austria
  • minimum age of 18 years / female participants must not be pregnant
  • sufficient command of the English language to understand instructions and training

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Standard Courses

Standard training courses provided by the CBRN Academy Seibersdorf go back to the early 60s and have been further developed to this day.



All the above listed standard training courses finish with an exam (written and/or practical). Participants who successfully passed these courses receive a Certificate. Furthermore, successfully passing the Emergency Response Course, the Incident Commander Course or the Decontamination Course is honored with a medal.