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In der bekannten Pro7-Sendung "Galileo" wurde am 7.10.2010 ein Bericht zum Thema "Der Mensch und der Strom" gesendet, zu dem Herr Cecil (EMC & Optics)...

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ASTAT at EMC Europe

Brisk influx at our ASTAT partner-booth at the EMC Europe in Wroclaw, Poland. 

Radiofrequency Engineering represented by Mr. Müllner presented...

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Creatif is an FP7-funded project dedicated to build a network of testing facilities for CBRNE detection systems. The next workshop will be held in...

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Rudolf Engelbrecht will contribute the chapter „Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring“ to the 3rd Edition of Elsevier’s „Handbook of Radioactivity...

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Import of high-end equipment using Carnet ATA at the airport

The third performance evaluation of EMC test sites in India had been performed within the last seven months.

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