Radiation Hardness Assurance


Update: April 23th, 2018


1st Day: Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

13:00 Registration
14:00 Welcome Notes by the General Manager
M. Schwaiger, Seibersdorf Laboratories, Austria

Welcome Notes by the Head of Austrian Aeronautics and Space Agency
A. Geisler, Austrian Aeronautics and Space Agency, Austria

Introduction and Scope of the Symposium
P. Beck, Seibersdorf Laboratories, Austria
14:30 Keynote
Standards for Space Radiation Hardness Assurance and Testing 

I. Chatterjee, Airbus Group Inc, Germany
>> Abstract
Session: Space Radiation Environment
15:15 Space Radiation Environment at LEO, MEO and GEO
C. Tscherne, Seibersdorf Laboratories, Austria
>> Abstract
16:00 Coffee Break
Photo of the Participants
Session: Radiation Effects and RHA Testing Facility  
16:30 Space Radiation Effects to Components and Systems
M. Wind, Seibersdorf Laboratories, Austria
>> Abstract
17:15 Characterisation and Accrediation of Testing Laboratories According to EN ISO/IEC 17025
P. Beck, Seibersdorf Laboratories, Austria
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17:45 Closing  
20:00 Social Dinner at Vienna City Center
CAFE LANDTMANN, Universitätsring 4, 1010 Wien

2nd Day: Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Radiation Testing Comercial-off-the Shelf Components
M. Poizat, European Space Agency, ESA
>> Abstract
Session:Practical Aspects of COTS in Space and RHA Testing
09:45Long Term Space Experience with COTS On-Board of CubeSats
O. Koudelka, M. Wenger, Technical University Graz, Austria
>> Abstract
10:10Austrian Cube Sat Pegasus in Space
R. Schnitzer, Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, Austria
>> Abstract
10:35Strategies of using COTS at ESA’s CubeSat Project RADCUBE with the RADMAG Instrument
A. Hirn, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Energy Research, Hungary
>> Abstract
11:00Coffee Break
Photo of the Participants

PRETTY: Passive Reflectometry based on the Interferometric Method
and Dosimetry Measurements

H. Fragner, RUAG Space (Vienna), Austria
>> Abstract
11:55Experience of Using COTS for Space Ion-Thruster In Space and Radiation Hardness Testing
B. Seifert, FOTEC GmbH, Austria
>> Abstract
12:20Ionizing Radiation and Radiation Hardness in Analog Integrated Circuits- Recent X-Ray testing
V. Bezhenova, Technical University Graz, Austria
>> Abstract
12:45Space Radiation Dosimetry and Radiation Shielding Effectiveness of Composites in LEO orbit with Timepix and XRB Diodes on board Cubesat VZLUSAT-1
C. Granja, Czech Aerospace Research Centre, Czech Republic
>> Abstract
13:00Lunch Buffet
Visit of the Radiation Testing Laboratories at Seibersdorf