Radiation Hardness Assurance

Keynote: Radiation Testing Comercial-off-the Shelf Components

Marc Poizat
European Space Agency


Radiation hardness assurance for Smallsats (and Cubesats) is essentially based on the same principles as for large satellite programs. Additionally, the use of COTS is increasing also on mainstream projects for both cost and performance reasons. However the use of COTS has its disadvantages such as traceability, obsolescence, cost increase due to up-screening etc.

In this lecture, the basics of radiation hardness assurance will be introduced. Test methods and applicable standards for total ionizing dose, displacement damage and single event effects testing will be presented. Finally considerations and RHA best practices for Smallsats based on COTS will be proposed. Application examples will be presented.


2017 NSREC short course, Radiation Hardness Assurance for Satellite Systems – from Macro to Nano.