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updated: 26 April 2024

13:00 Registration
13:30 Welcome Notes
13:45 Introduction

Session Material Testing
Keynote on Material Testing

Talks for Session Material Testing featuring

  • Influence of radiation on Self-Lubricating Polymer 
    used as cages for bearings​​​​​​​
    Andreas Merstallinger (AAC Research)
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15:20 Coffee Break


  • A Journey Through the Cosmic Hazards: Understanding the Space Radiation Environment
    Christoph Tscherne (Seibersdorf Laboratories)​​​​​​​
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Session Practical Aspects of Radiation Hardness Assurance Testing featuring

  • RADNEXT - Building a Network of Irradiation Facilities: Achievements and Future Perspectives
    Gerd Datzmann (Datzmann interact & innovate)
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  • Overview of the 2023 R2E activities at CERN, with a focus on the SEE accelerator availability impact during the ion run
    Daniel Söderström (CERN)
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Session Innovative Testing Developments and Future Needs (Part 1) featuring

  • Pixelated Ionization Chamber (PIC) of PIF
    ​​​​​​​Tigran Armand Rostomyan (Paul Scherrer Institut)
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  • Single Event Effect Testing using Medical Synchrotron
    Martin Eizinger (FOTEC GmbH)
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  • Heavy Ion Single Event Effects Test Results of the Magnetometer Frontend ASIC
    Raphael Steinhöfler (Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences)
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18:05 Concluding Remarks and End of Day 1
19:00 Social Dinner​​​​​​​ (Bus transfer available, see conference registration)
08:30 Registration

Session Laser Testing
Keynotes on Laser Testing

  • Pulsed Laser Single-Event Effects, Part 1: Fundamental Concepts
    Stephen Buchner (NRL)
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  • Pulsed Laser Single-Event Effects, Part 2: Applications
    Dale McMorrow (NRL)
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Talks on Laser Testing featuring

  • Insights into Airbus Laser Testing for RHA
    Sebastien Morand (Airbus D&S)


  • Understanding Space Radiation Effects and Testing Strategies
    Michael Wind (Seibersdorf Laboratories)
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12:45 Lunch Buffet

Session SmallSats & COTS Components featuring

  • Exploring Slovakia's Contributions to the Space Sector
    Patrik Lászlo (Needronix)
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  • Status of the CLIMB CubeSat mission of FHWN
    Wolfgang Treberspurg (University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt)
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  • ADLER-1 - First results from the APID-1 Space Debris instrument
    Gernot Grömer (Austrian Space Forum)
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Session Innovative Testing Developments and Future Needs (Part 2) featuring

  • Charged-particle dosimetry, LET spectrometry and wide field-of-view directional tracking of space radiation in LEO orbit with miniaturized Timepix3 monitor onboard One-Web Joeysat satellite
    Carlos Granja (ADVACAM)
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  • Exascale Reconfigurable and Rad-Hard Accelerated Computing in Space
    Luca Sterpone (Politecnico di Torino)
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15:05 Concluding Remarks
End of Live Stream
​​​​​​​Coffee Break

Laboratory Visits

Visit 1: TID Testing Laboratory (TEC Laboratory) (30 min)
Visit 2: SEE Laser Testing Laboratory (30 min)
Location: Tech Campus Seibersdorf

16:30 Closing of Conference

The preliminary program is subject to changes. Call for abstracts is closed. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the organizers for further information regarding availability and opportunities for oral presentations in next year's edition.



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