Radiation Hardness Assurance


Heavy Ion Single Event Effects Test Results of the Magnetometer Frontend ASIC 

Raphael Steinhöfler1

1 Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences



The magnetometer frontend ASIC (MFA-4) is a mixed signal chip that includes the circuitry necessary for operating a fluxgate sensor. Since years, this sensor technology constitutes the high-quality standard for magnetic field measurements in space. For each axis, a set of three coils provides magnetic excitation, sensing and compensation and requires a considerable extent of circuitry such as low noise amplifiers, demodulators [1], an analog to digital converter, signal processing logic and a high-precision, low-noise delta-sigma digital to analog converter with a fully differential current output stage [2].

A reduced version of this circuitry was implemented on a 180nm process. The silicon die was biased and exposed to a heavy ion beam at the Cyclotron of UCLouvain, during beamtime provided by the RADNEXT project [3]. Operational parameters and output signals were monitored during the process. We present the basic functionality of the ASIC and the findings from heavy ion irradiation up to 100 MeVcm²/mg.


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We acknowledge and thank the RADNEXT project for enabling these heavy ion tests on our Magnetometer frontend ASIC, providing an insight into the capabilities of the used semiconductor technology.

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