Radiation Hardness Assurance


Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome Notes by the General Manager
M. Schwaiger, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH, Austria
  Welcome Notes by the Head of Austrian Aeronautics and Space Agency
A. Geisler, Austrian Aeronautics and Space Agency, Austria
  Introduction and Scope of the Symposium
P. Beck, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH, Austria

Total Ionizing Dose (TID) and Total Non Ionizing Dose (TNID) Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) for Space Systems – from Big Systems to Smallsats

Ch. Poivey, European Space Agency, ESTEC, The Netherlands
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Session: Space Radiation Environment
10:00 Radiation Environment and Exposure of CubeSat Missions
G. Santin, European Space Agency, ESTEC, The Netherlands
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10:30 Coffee Break  

Session: CubeSat Space Missions - Radiation Hardness Assurance Experiences and Challenges
11:00 Radiation Hardness Assurance and CubeSat: A new Approach for a "New Space"
L. Dusseau, University Montpellier, France
>> Abstract
11:15 BRITE/TUGSat-1 Mission and Radiation Effects
O. Koudelka, Graz University of Technology, Austria
>> Abstract
11:30 Austrian's CubeSat PEGASUS: Development and Testing
C. Scharlemann, University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt Ltd., Austria
>> Abstract
11:45 System Level Radiation Characterization of a 1U CubeSat at the CHARM facility at CERN
R. Secondo, CERN, Switzerland
>> Abstract
12:00 Robust Miniaturized Onboard Computer with COTS Components using Advanced FDIR Methods
T. Tzschichholz, Zentrum f. Telematik, Würzburg, Germany
>> Abstract
12:15 Evaluation of Response and Radiation Damage to Protons in Timepix Detectors at Particle Accelerators and in LEO Orbit by the SATRAM Spacecraft Payload on Board ESA's Proba-V satellite
C. Granja and Z. Dvorak, Czech Space Research Center, Brno; Nuclear Physics Inst., Czech Acad. Sci., Prague, Czech Republic
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12:30 Investigating the Use of Commercial FPGAs in Two Case Studies - Cubesats: NanoSatC-BR1 and NanoSatC-BR2
F. L. Kastensmidt, UFRGS University, Brazil
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12:45 Lunch Buffet  
  Photo and Visit of the TEC-Laboratory  

Session: Selected Topics - Components and System Testing
14:00 Compendium of Circuit Effects in COTS Op Amps
T. Borel, L. Dusseau, University Montpellier, France
>> Abstract
14:15 Combination of Heavy Ion, Laser and Proton Irradiation for SEE Qualification Test, Advantages and Limitations
A. Koziukov E. - JSC URSC-ISDE, Russia
>> Abstract
14:30 Experiences from Radiation Testing at RUAG Space
M. Larsson, RUAG Space, Sweden
>> Abstract
14:45 New Radiation Testing Aspects at Fraunhofer INT
J. Kuhnhenn, Fraunhofer INT, Germany
>> Abstract
15:00 Fast Real Time Assessment and Characterisation of Transients
M. Wind, Seibersdorf Labor GmbH, Austria
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15:15 Coffee Break  

Session: Selected Topics - Radiation Hardness Assurance
15:45 Radiation qualification of COTS Hardware for a specific LEO space application
C. Tran Thi , OHB System AG, Germany
>> Abstract
16:00 Variability in Floating Gate Errors in Flash Memories Exposed to Total Ionizing Dose
S. Gerardin, University of Padova, Italy
>> Abstract
16:15 Radiation Hardening of Integrated Circuits
V. Bezhenova, Graz University of Technology, Austria
>> Abstract
16:30 STREAM: Smart Sensor Solutions Design and Testing
T. Vincenzi, ams AG, Technische Universität Graz, Austria
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16:45 Closing
  Visit of the Radiation Testing Laboratories at Seibersdorf