Radiation Hardness Assurance

Experiences from radiation testing at RUAG Space


M. Larsson
RUAG Space


RUAG Space is a leading supplier of products for the space industry in Europe with production in six different countries. Capabilities include structures and separation systems for launch vehicles, structures and mechanisms for satellites, digital electronics for satellites and launch vehicles, and satellite communications equipment. Many of these products include EEE components sensitive to radiation effects, both long term effects, i.e. total non-ionizing dose (TID) and displacement damage (DD) as well as transient effects, i.e. single event effects (SEE). Ground testing of such sensitive components is necessary to predict their behavior in space.

The aim of this presentation is to describe the experiences of single event effect (SEE) and total ionizing dose (TID) testing of EEE components performed by RUAG Space. Examples of test results that will be presented include lot-to-lot variation in TID tests of commonly used voltage references and PWM controllers as well as SEE tests of radiation hardened versus non-hardened power drivers.