EMV-Fachtagung 2023

Measurement of Integrated Folded Cascode Amplifier Structures with Different EMI Improved Differential Input Pairs

Dominik ZUPAN, Institute of Electronics, Graz University of Technology
Nikolaus CZEPL, Institute of Electronics, Graz University of Technology
Daniel KIRCHER, Institute of Electronics, Graz University of Technology



In recent years, we focused on the electromagnetic interference (EMI) robustness of operational amplifiers (OpAmps) in integrated circuits (ICs). We put special emphasis on studying the impact of various differential input pairs on amplifier performance. To achieve this, we developed seven different folded cascode amplifier structures, where we applied methods of filtering, linearization and compensation [1]. We have already conducted simulations, including post-layout RC extraction, to evaluate these structures and designed and fabricated a test chip. Within this poster we plan to comprehensibly present some of the measurements results of these test chip structures. We will show the test boards and compare results regarding nominal OpAmp parameters, as well as parameters relevant for EMI characterisation.

[1] Dominik Zupan and Bernd Deutschmann. “Comparison of EMI Improved Differential Input Pair Structures Within an Integrated Folded Cascode Operational Transconductance Amplifier”. In: 2020 Austrochip Workshop on Microelectronics (Austrochip 2020) (Oct. 2020). URL: