EMV-Fachtagung 2023

ICEM Modeling considering the Operating Point

Ko ODREITZ, TU Graz/Institut für Elektronik
Christoph MAIER, TU Graz/Institut für Hochfrequenztechnik
Felix MINICHMAIR, TU Graz/Institut für Elektronik
Nikolaus JUCH, TU Graz/Institut für Elektronik
Bernd DEUTSCHMANN, TU Graz/Institut für Elektronik



ICEM modeling is presented on a simple but representative electronic circuit, a 74HC14 hex inverter IC with Schmitt trigger inputs. The conducted electromagnetic emissions are simulated as a current source that distributes the noise through a passive distribution network. The approach presented is based on S-parameter measurements and includes the operating point of the DUT. The measured and simulated emissions are compared and illustrate the limitations of traditional IC modeling according to the IEC 62433 standard.