Radiation Hardness Assurance



May 7th - 8th, 2024
Seibersdorf Laboratories

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​​​​​​​Keynote Highlights of the 9th RADHARD Symposium:

  • Laser Testing Keynote: Explore laser testing principles, applications, and years of expertise with Stephen Buchner and Dale McMorrow from NRL
  • Material Testing Keynote: ESA expert Ricardo Martins illuminates industry standards, best practices, and real-world examples in material testing

Topics to Be Explored at the RADHARD Symposium Include:

  • SmallSats & COTS Components
  • Practical Aspects of Radiation Hardness Assurance Testing
  • Radiaton Hardness Assurance Test Standards
  • Automotive & Space
  • Innovative Testing Developments and Future Needs

The RADHARD Symposium caters to a diverse audience, including space systems integrators, EEE manufacturers, industry stakeholders, researchers, and students. International experts presented insightful research findings and provided highlighting reviews.