Radiation Hardness Assurance


Proton Irradiation Facility and its use for COTS qualification

V. Kletzl1 and W. Hajdas1

1 Paul Scherrer Institut


Proton Irradiation Facility PIF at PSI was designed to test electronics and devices for applications in radiation hazardous environments. The facility is widely used for qualifications of components primarily for use in ESA satellite programs. The main advantage of PIF is its ability to simulate radiation environment encountered in any possible satellite orbit in the laboratory on-ground. It allows to assess radiation risks and determine radiation hardness of electronic devices already during preparation phases before sending them with the mission to space. With entering the new space era one began to tests more and more COTS. We will review the facility and characteristics focusing on its ability for characterization of COTS. Selected examples of typical test campaigns will be presented and discussed.