NFC - Near Field Communication

Elektromagnetische Felder

NFC-based Ultra-Violet (UV) Measurements for Sunburn Prevention (Patents pending)


Our "NFC-based UV-assessment for sunburn prevention" has won the


"Best Research Track" Award &
 "Best in Show" Award


at WIMA 2013 Monaco.


Excessive exposure to UV radiation causes sunburn and skin cancer. Presently available personal UV-monitors are battery powered stand alone devices. These are expensive because they need to contain all required components (sensor diodes, signal processing, measurement control, post-processing of the measurement results, etc.). 

Our patented concept shifts the sensor front-end and the minimum required ultra-low power electronic circuitry into a slim low-cost and passive smart NFC transponder (e.g., in smart card format). All other required steps are carried out by the corresponding App on the user’s smart phone, thereby creating a robust, low-cost and reliable personal UV monitoring device for the mass market.


Health Benefit for the User

Using a personal profile, concerning skin type and used sunscreen lotion (protection factor), the user can be informed by app immediately after the UV-measurement, how long she/he can stay in the sun without the risk of getting a sunburn. Overall, the system is the user’s personal electronic assistant for UV-skin protection.  

Added value for Cosmetics Industries

Due to the low-cost smart transponder technology and the ever increasing spread of NFC compatible smart phones, the Smart UV-Transponder could be supplied together with sunscreen lotions, creating an added value of the product for the customer. The required corresponding software App can be made available via Web, creating additional online advertising potential.


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