Radiation Hardness Assurance


The Challenges of Testing at European Irradiation Facilities

Anastasia Pesce1, Alessandra Costantino1

1 European Space Agency



In this paper the challenges faced when testing complex electronic components according to ESCC 25100 [1] will be presented. The European Irradiation Facilities are an asset for all the space community when assuring the radiation hardness of a component in a given space mission environment.

Limitations such as the number of available beam hours, the test set up cost and the difficulties encountered in the sample preparation of modern technologies are a hinder in the overall RHA process. European irradiation testing facilities are an important part of the European space electronics supply chain infrastructure and can strongly impact the time-to-market of parts for space customers.

Relying on the access to European irradiation testing capabilities is fundamental to maintain a European non dependence on RHA for space.



[1]     European Space Components Coordination, ESCC Basic Specification No. 25100, Single Event Effects Test Method and Guidelines, Issue 2, Oct. 2014