Radiation Hardness Assurance


PULSCAN Solution for SEE Laser Testing

Sebastien JONATHAS 1

1 PULSCAN, France



This talk presents the elements and capabilities of the PULSYS-RAD equipment, Pulscan’s industrial turn-key system for pulsed laser SEE testing, which makes the pulsed laser technique accessible to non-laser-experts, with field-proven capabilities on many different IC technologies [1-6].

The main elements include the laser-injected infrared microscope and the PULSBOX Pico and 2P smart laser sources respectively for Single-Photon Absorption (SPA) and Two-Photon Absorption (TPA) testing. Some advanced features of the PULSWORKS software, which provides a complete user interface to control the laser experiment as well as for data acquisition and visualization, are presented.

Different use cases are described to illustrate the wide range of applications covered by the system for parts screening, system debug, sensitivity analysis or rad-hard design.



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