Cyclotron and Synthesis Modules

At our location, we have a GE PETtrace cyclotron which is used to manufacture the radionuclide fluorine-18 (in the form of 18F-fluoride and 18F-fluorine gas) using 16 MeV protons.

The following synthesis modules are currently available for the production of radiopharmaceuticals in accordance with GMP:

  • 3 GE FASTlab synthesis modules
  • 2 Scintomics GRP synthesis modules
  • 1 GE Tracerlab Fx synthesis module
  • 1 Eckert & Ziegler Pharmtracer synthesis module
  • 1 IBA Synthera synthesis module
  • 1 Synthra synthesis module

Our facility comprises clean room areas totaling more than 400 m2 with three production rooms for radiopharmaceuticals.

These production rooms are equipped with three dispensing units for the aseptic filling of the various different radiopharmaceuticals.

Our largest production room for the manufacture of 18F-radiopharmaceuticals has a total of nine lead cells.


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