Radiation Hardness Assurance

Ionizing Radiation and Radioactivity

Testing Laboratory

Modern Equipped Facilities

  • Accredited TEC-Laboratory for 24/7 Co-60 gamma exposure at ESA standard and low dose rate radiation (100 μGy/s - 30 mGy/s)
  • Co-60 teletherapy gamma irradiation facility (50 μGy/s - 5 mGy/s)
  • Access to high dose exposure Co-60 gamma (500 mGy/s)
  • 320 kV X-ray unit with radiation qualities according ISO and IEC standards (< 3 mGy/s)
  • 160 kV X-ray unit as used for diagnostic radiology applications (< 3 mGy/s)
  • 60 kV soft X-ray unit (<30 mGy/s)
  • Access to 10MeV electron exposure facility (10 Gy/s)
  • High Performance Computing cluster customized for Monte Carlo Simulations (FLUKA, Geant4, MCNPX, PHITS)
  • Multifunctional equipped electronic laboratory such as standard electronic equipment and automatic component parameter analyser
  • Versatile mechanical workshop, development and fabrication of irradiation and test boards