CBRN Training

CBRN Training - Seibersdorf Academy

Nowadays Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear Events cannot be ruled out completely. Accidents (e.g. breakdown of a Nuclear Power Plant) or terroristic attacks (e.g. dirty bomb) are realistic scenarios with enormous consequences to human beings as well as nature. Appropriate training is the only key to the right level of preparedness against any disaster.

Target Audience

Our CBRN Training Programs is tailored primarily for the following target audience:

  • Military
  • Fire fighters
  • Civil defense personnel
  • Police
  • Security companies
  • Paramedics
  • Environment organisation


Emergency responders are usually not employees of a facility in which radioactive materials or dangerous chemical, biological or nuclear substances are used. For such cases, training is carefully designed to ensure that the participants have a clear understanding of the specific hazards and risks associated with various emergencies and how they are to respond to emergencies in specific installations. The training includes theoretical knowledge as well as practicing in personal protective equipment under real hotzone conditions (e.g. training with sealed or unsealed radioactive sources). Despite hotzone working conditions, the safety of the trainees is of highest importance. The training is a good evaluation for the personnel, but also for the used personal protective equipment, measurement devices and the decon-material.


Stimulation of the personal skillset during training including communication skills, leadership (for those at the management level) and analytical skills, multitasking management skills and the ability to work under intense stress and with protective equipment.

CBRN Training at the Seibersdorf Academy ensures a sufficient level of preparedness to help you respond appropriately when disaster strikes.