RAD Basic Course

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RAD Basic Course - Individual level

Course Aim

The scope of this course is to familiarize participants with radioactivity and its respective properties and how to safely work with sealed and unsealed (open) radioactive sources. The participants will learn the effects of radiation and the measures they can take to protect themselves against it.

General Objectives

  • Understand the basics in radiation protection
  • Gain confidence in the work with sealed and open radioactive sources
  • Be familiar with the use of detection equipment
  • Be familiar with orphan and misused sources
  • Gain confidence in the use of personal protective equipment in a live environment
  • Understand and be able to apply safe work practices.


Course Content and Overview

The content of the course is a mix of theory and practical work. The basics of radiation will be taught in a classroom setting and trained practically, with different radioisotopes.
The course will be of a duration of two weeks (recommended). Week one will have its focus on the basic radiation knowledge and understanding, including the handling of detection devices. Week two will be scenario-based training.

Target Audience and maximum attendance

The course target audience are

  • first responders
  • military personnel
  • police
  • fire fighters
  • civil defense
  • security companies
  • first-aid personnel

The maximum number of participants is 30.



Participants should be:

  • Medically and physically fit (Employer to provide a medical clearance for the employee to work in personal protective equipment)
  • Medical insurance valid in Europe/ Austria
  • Able to understand instructions/training delivered in the English Language
  • 18 years of age as a minimum
  • Female participants must not be pregnant


Method of Training

Delivery methods includes: Classroom and Practical Training



30 hours (minimum 4 days)
Timings and number of days are subject to customers' requirements and availability.

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