Leak Seal Packaging

Seibersdorf Academy

Leak Seal Packaging Course - Group level

Course Aim

The scope of this course is to provide the knowledge and skills required to perform Leak Seal Packaging of CBR IED Devices.


General Objectives

After this course the participants will be familiar with LSP procedures to

  • take measures to prevent the spread of liquid contaminant.
  • conduct expedient leak seal (stick or tape) if RSP creates leak.
  • upright the leak to prevent spillage of the agent.
  • contain liquids in central location.
  • conduct gross decontamination (no wait time).
  • seal the leak (plaster or epoxy).


Course Content and Overview

The course will be held in the Seibersdorf Academy in Austria. The main method is sub-team training. The participants will be introduced to the leak seal packaging procedures involving CBRN materials.

Learning is provided through theoretical lessons, followed by guided and supervised, team-based practical exercises using chemical and biological simulants and radioactive materials.

The course consists of theoretical and practical elements, including the use of sealed and unsealed radioactive sources (types of radiation: alpha/beta/gamma). The course will be one week long (recommended). The practical exercises will be a realistic (use of radioisotopes and simulants) scenario-based training.


Target Audience and maximum attendance

The course target audience are first responders and military personnel. Participants should be members of response teams. The maximum number of participants is 12.



  • Advanced CBRN Course
  • EOD/IED trained

Participants should be:

  • Medically and physically fit (Employer to provide a medical clearance for the employee to work in personal protective equipment)
  • Medical insurance valid in Europe/ Austria
  • Able to understand instructions/training delivered in the English Language
  • 18 years of age as a minimum
  • Female participants must not be pregnant


Method of Training

Delivery methods includes: Classroom and Practical Training



40 hours (minimum 5 days)
Timings and number of days are subject to customers' requirements and availability.

For more information please contact:

Seibersdorf Academy
Phone: +43 50550-3030

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