CBRNE Incident Commander Course

Seibersdorf Academy

CBRNE (CBRN EOD) Incident Commander Course - Command level

Course Aim

The scope of this advanced course is to train the participants in commanding CBRNE response efforts at a CBRNE incident.

General Objectives

  • Be familiar with CBRNE Agents and Personal Protection Equipment
  • Recognize Chemical Agents of Opportunity for Terrorism,
  • Understand the Incident Command Systems (ICS),
  • Be able to draft Pre-Incident Plans and Procedures,
  • Understand Incident Management Software Programs,
  • Be familiar with the principles of Stand-by/Recall of Emergency Response Personnel,
  • Understand Expedient Chemical/Biological Release Mitigation Methods,
  • Be familiar with the procedures for prolonged SCBA/PPE Operations,
  • Understand Manpower Rehabilitation and Replacement Logistics for Sustained Ops
  • Understand Stress Management for Emergency Personnel,
  • Be familiar with Mass Decontamination,
  • Have an Overview on Human Behavior during a CBRN Crisis,
  • Understand the Use of Aviation Assets,
  • Be familiar with the Security of Critical Facilities,
  • Be familiar with Medical Emergency Operations Plans,
  • Understand Multiple Agency Communication,
  • Understand the Criminal Investigation of Deliberate CBRNE Events,
  • Be able to plan Long Term Response and Recovery,
  • Recognize Environmental Concerns,
  • Have an overview on Emerging/Next Generation Response Technologies
  • Be familiar with Case Studies.


Course Content and Overview

The course will be held at the Seibersdorf Academy in Austria.
At the end of this course the CBRNE Incident Commander should be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Analyse a CBRN EOD Incident;
  • Plan response ops;
  • Implement a response to change the outcome consistent with emergency response plan or SOP;
  • Evaluate the progress of the planned response;
  • Terminate the emergency phase of the incident;
  • To act within the applicable legal and safety regulations.


Target Audience and maximum attendance

The course target audience are first responders and military personnel. The position in the respective unit is – as a minimum - group leader. The maximum number of participants is 16.



Participants should be:

  • Military or first responder
  • Medically and physically fit (Employer to provide a medical clearance for the employee to work in personal protective equipment)
  • Medical insurance valid in Europe/ Austria
  • Able to understand instructions/training delivered in the English Language
  • 18 years of age as a minimum
  • Female participants must not be pregnant



Method of Training

Delivery methods includes: Classroom and Practical Training in the form of tabletop exercises



80 hours (minimum 10 days)
Timings and number of days are subject to customers' requirements and availability.

For more information please contact:

Seibersdorf Academy
Phone: +43 50550-3030

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