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the smart way to protect your personal data

Background information

Contactless smart cards, e.g., bank cards and credit cards offer easy and comfortable cashless payment functions by just bringing the card close to the reader device inside the cash terminal.

However, unauthorized access to your personal data stored on the smart card cannot be excluded when your unprotected card comes into the range of a reading device. For example, with a standard NFC-enabled Smart Phone the data on your bank card can be read out over several centimeter distance.

When using conventional RFID-protection sleeves and covers for smart cards the card needs to taken out of sleeve/cover in case the user wants to make a contactless transaction. In practice this often causes awkward handling in situations which are known to be often hectic anyway (e.g., at the cash desk).

The Smart Secure Cover offers both: reliable protection of your data and comfortable usage of the contactless functionality under 100% user control. As soon as your contactless smart card is inside the Smart Secure Cover your data is reliably protected against unauthorized access. If you want to use the contactless functionality you just need to gently press the Smart Secure Cover with your finger in the indicated area. Immediately after you release your finger, your data are secured again.