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NFC - Near Field Communication

Smart Transponder Development for NFC Applications

Near Field Communication (NFC) is an emerging short range wireless technology which is expected to be implemented in almost all smart phones during the next years. It enables peer to peer data communications between two smart phones within a range of approx. 2-5 cm, as well as communication between a smart phone and passive low-cost transponders, known from 13,56 MHz RFID technology.

Beside payment applications (mainly based on the peer to peer mode), many other applications are currently under development, making use of the extremely simple and intuitive operation of NFC, i.e., the smart phone just needs to be brought in proximity to the transponder, without any kind of pairing.

We focus on the development of smart NFC transponder technology, enabling new applications in several different markets.


Smart Transponders for Advertising and Marketing

>> NFC Smart Beverage Can

>> NFC Smart Beverage Bottle


Smart Transponders for Metering Applications

>> NFC-based ultra-violet sensor for sunburn prevention


"Best Research Track" Award & "Best in Show" Award

at WIMA 2013 Monaco.

Smart Transponders for Health Care and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)

>> Read more about AAL ...


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