NFC Bottle

Electromagnetic Compatibility

NFC Smart Beverage Bottle (Patent pending)

This brand new development allows the introduction of new possibilities in beverage advertising and marketing. The small low-cost NFC transponder built in the label of the bottle is accessible only after the bottle has been opened and (partially) emptied. By just approaching the bottle label the corresponding App at the smart phone starts automatically and enables almost unlimited possibilities for product-related games and actions.


Added Value for Bottle Manufacturers

The NFC Smart Beverage Bottle is the ultimate and brand new possibility to easily create an added value of a standard beverage bottle. The low-cost transponder can be easily integrated into the label of the bottle.

New possibilities for Beverage Manufacturers

The NFC Smart Beverage Bottle enables beverage manufacturers to implement advertising and marketing instruments directly on the product in a way never possible so before.

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about NFC Smart Beverage Can and Bottle from exhibition at WIMA 2013, Monaco


>> Demo Video
about NFC Smart Beverage Cand and Bottle, from Seibersdorf Laboratories



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