NFC Bottle

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Example Applications for the NFC Smart Beverage Bottle

The basic feature of NFC technology to not only retrieve data from the can transponder but also to store data directly to the can enables new possibilities for advertising and marketing far beyond things which are possible presently.


Live Betting or Quiz Games

Best suited for big (sports) events:

  1. User opens the NFC Smart Bottle and touches the bottle label with his/her smart phone
  2. App starts (or will be downloaded if not already done) automatically
  3. App asks user for his/her tip, e.g., „Who will become winner / world champion?“
  4. After user has answered, he/she again touches the NFC Smart Bottle in order to store his/her tip, together with user contact data (e.g., email, mobile phone number), to the NFC Smart Bottle
  5. App prompts user to throw his/her NFC Smart Bottle in collection bin (equipped with NFC reader)
  6. Inserted NF Smart Bottles are automatically registered
  7. Winner can be determined and informed (e.g., by email, SMS) automatically
  • NFC Smart Bottle becomes a product-related betting slip
  • Positive side effect: Users are motivated to throw their cans in the collecting bins -> less waste in the environment



Collaborative Games

A certain goal (e.g., complete a puzzle, etc.) can be achieved by exchanging resources

  1. Every transponder (NFC Smart Bottle) „contains“ a limited number of resources (puzzle pieces, money, components …). The goal can only be reached if this resources are shared or swapped with others (having different sets of resources on their NFC Smart Bottles)
  2. By touching the opened tab of the NFC Smart Bottle the user can debit from or deposit to their „account of resources“ and thereby modify their set of resources in order to approach the goal step by step.
  3. Who first reaches the goal is the winner. Can be a team of persons or a single person holding several opened NFC Smart Bottles with sufficient and suitable resources.
  4. After reaching the goal, personal ID data can be stored to the NFC Smart Bottle before inserting it into a collecting bin, where the NFC Smart Bottle is automatically registered and the winner can be determined.
  • Positive side effect: Users are motivated to throw their bottles in the collecting bins -> less waste in the environment



Travel Logbook

For adventures, travels, races, …

  1. At the starting point the user’s current GPS coordinates together with time information (provided by the smart phone to the App) is stored to his/her NFC Smart Bottle.
  2. At every following stopover the user again stores GPS coordinates and time to the NFC Smart Bottle
  3. At the final destination the NFC Smart Bottle serves as a diary/logbook of the travel/orienteering race, etc.…
  • NFC Smart Bottle becomes a product-related diary or logbook



Bottle Post

The user can leave a short message (of whatever content) on his/her NFC Smart Bottle and handover it to a person or simply leave the NFC Smart Bottle in the gaming area for being read out by an arbitrary person.


Lasting Memories

The user can store a message, picture, etc. to the NFC Smart Bottle as a lasting memory of a special moment (first kiss, victory, …) in which the beverage was present and may keep/collect these memories

  • Creates a positive association with the product



Market Surveys

You have created a new flavor of your beverage and want to gather feedback from the consumers?

  1. Provide an App that prompts the consumer to rate the new flavor and store to store the rating on the NFC Smart Bottle
  2. Prompt the user to insert his/her NFC Smart Bottle into a collecting bin
  3. The users’ ratings are automatically registered by the collecting bin equipped with a NFC reader device
  • Enables fully automatic market surveys

  • Positive side effect: Users are motivated to throw their cans in the collecting bins -> less waste in the environment


and many others ….

The above mentioned application examples are only a small cut out of the possibilities enabled by the NFC Smart Bottle technology. Only examples are listed which make explicitly use of the possibility to store data to the Bottle. Of course everything else which is feasible with current ID-Labeling (e.g. QR-code) is also and even easier possible with the NFC Smart Bottle (e.g., collecting loyality points, bingo, etc.).