Health Care AAL

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Health Care AAL

Smart Transponder Development for Health Care and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Applications

The very intuitive use of NFC, i.e., the fact the user just needs to bring his/her smart phone in close proximity to the target object containing a NFC transponder, makes NFC highly suitable for health care and AAL applications.

Using sophisticated but still passive (i.e. , without battery) transponder technology many important procedures (e.g., medication intake, monitoring of relevant parameters, etc.) can be carried out easier and at significantly increased reliability. This generates benefits not only for the patient’s health and convenience but also financial savings for the health system.

In co-operation with the Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (Department Health & Environment) several smart transponder concepts for different applications in health care and AAL have been successfully realized in recent years.


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