Electromagnetic Fields

PCB level analysis with the EM scanner

Tool for the analysis of the interference emission

The EMC Test Center Seibersdorf offers a tool for analyzing interference emission at PCB level in the frequency range from 50 kHz to 4 GHz, both during development and when searching for problems in the course of acceptance tests.

  • fast diagnosis and detection of potential interference sources early in the design cycle (prototypes, ...)
  • by integrating the Gerber files this can be displayed visually in an optimal way

  • targeted comparison of different EMC measures and designs reduces the number of board spins and the time-to-market

  • continuous scans in real-time can also capture time-dependent emission behavior (due to software or different operating states)

  • for finding unintentionally long conductor loops and weak points in the ground concept

  • enables the detection of unknown interference sources at discrete frequencies that are above the limit values during emission measurement in the absorber chamber

  • targeted intervention in the emission behavior of components at the PCB is thus made possible

  • evaluation of the effectiveness of filter circuits, also the effectiveness of shielding plates on components (e.g. IC's) can be determined